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With my caseload this year consisting of many non-verbal and minimally verbal students, I’ve been entrenched in “core words.” The great thing about core words is that you can incorporate them into any and all activities, which is great for capitalizing on student engagement and building meaningful, functional communication! While playing with cars, you can have countless opportunities to incorporate “go,” “more,” “stop,” “want,” and “mine,” for example. Speaking of MINE, I’m so excited about these new no print interactive books!

They have already been put to use with two of my students, one that has some verbal communication and another that uses an iPad with Proloquo2Go to communicate. I used the books on the free PowerPoint app for iPad. They can also be used on a computer or interactive whiteboard with PowerPoint. For some students, a hard laminated book holds their attention because it’s so concrete. But for others, the electronic version is more engaging, especially with fun sounds and moving parts! Much less prep and an ink-saver for me!

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How I Used Them: 

I read the two books, pausing for the students to respond “mine” at the appropriate time. I worked in some play food and other toys to go along with the books. The first book incorporates comprehension questions as the boy asks, “which is mine?” with exciting sounds for correct and incorrect responses. Who doesn’t love instant feedback?! One student enjoyed imitating the character in the second book who grabs the things that are his as the slides advance. I hope you take a look and find these useful! More CORE WORD interactive books to come soon!

Feedback is given for each response
Feedback is given for each response


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